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Hi, I am Natalia and I’m going zero waste, which means my ultimate goal is to produce zero trash and stop the infinite demand for extraction of non-renewable resources that end up polluting the soil, the oceans and the air. That way I can rest my head in my pillow at night knowing I’m doing my part on being the change I want to see in the world. This is my lifestyle journal.
I was born in a small town called Taquara, Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil. When I was 18 years old I got my first big-deal job in the state’s capital, Porto Alegre, and moved out of my dear parents home.

In the capital, I started my adult-life and had to learn all the survivor things that school doesn’t teach us, like how to pay your bills and shop for food yourself if you want to have dinner. I made some wonderful friends for life, participated in communities and, even though I was suppose to be living the student life, my efforts were already directed to building my career.

I discovered myself as a very objective person, meaning that when I believe in something, I do that something no matter what (poor parents!). That’s why I moved from a job to another, that’s why I never graduated, that’s why I spent nights reading technical books, that’s why I married a lovely guy so early in life, that’s why I decided to move to other countries, and, lastly, that’s why I decided we should live zero waste.

Today, I live with my husband in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I work as a Designer for a company whose headquarters is right in the middle of the old town, city centre, which makes biking to work the most pleasurable part of my mornings. (if you wanna know more about my UX Designer work, try other channels, such as Twitter or Linkedin)

Besides living zero waste and being a UX designer, I’m a vegetarian for the most part of the time and a yogi. My friends say I’m the hippie among them, which might be half-true.

There’s this dear girl in my life, Marina, she’s my stepdaughter and she is so smart! I remember clearly this day a few years back, we were in the bus on our way to her school and she asked me:

“What difference does it make, to be a vegetarian? I bet you are the only one in this bus that is a vegetarian.”

I looked at her and asked: “Does it make you think?”

“Yes.” – she said.

“Then that’s enough difference for a day.” – I said, and could witness those big curious eyes of a child who gets the message.

I am only one, but if I make you think, and if you change only a few things in your lifestyle because of me, that’s already a win.

Thanks for stopping by!

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