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Where to Buy in Bulk in Amsterdam

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Finding replacements for products we would easily buy wrapped in plastic in a short visit to the closest supermarket is one of the great challenges of the first steps to becoming zero waste, but it is also one of the most fun and gratifying things once you find the goods you need and realize that you are not only returning home with great quality products that won’t generate waste and that are most probably healthier for your body, plus you are also helping local and small companies and producers to keep going.

Every time something is missing in our home I’d ran to my random lists and notes to plan where we have to go in order to get all the products we need. It was very confusing and time consuming, so I thought, why not writing it down in one place?

This post will be in constant update as I find new stores around the city that sell in bulk, with few or more sustainable wrapping. If you do know some place that is not listed here, please, don’t hesitate to contact me so I can pay them a visit and add it here!

Also, if you don’t live in Amsterdam, make sure you visit one of these stores when visiting this amazing city! So let’s get started, shall we?

Where to find bulk goods in Amsterdam

To start off, here’s a map I keep up to date with most of the places listed in this post, the map will probably have more places, though, since it’s easier to add it there first and update the post later, so feel free to save it and scroll down for more details about each place!

Farmers’ Markets to buy straight from the producers

Noordermarkt, Noordermarkt

Happens every saturday, from 9AM to 4PM, and Mondays, from 9AM to 2PM.

Even though this is a bit far away from our home, the Noordermarkt is one of our favorites in Amsterdam, here we can find a large range of goods such as veggies, fruits, breads, grains, meat, crepes and sandwiches, juice and even second-hand products and clothing. And of course our dearest stand: the mushrooms stand! Just mushrooms, beautiful mushrooms. Amazing.

Cogumelos no Noordermarkt, Amsterdam

Lindengrachtmarkt, Linderngracht Jordaan

Happens every Saturday.

If you came all the way to the Noordermarkt, you must as well check the Lindengrachtmarkt just around the corner. This is the most authentic street market experience, the entire street is converted into stands with tons of fruits and veggies, nuts, grains, cheeses, olives, brands and pastries, some organic clothing and handmade soap… Basically everything you need to live a good life can be found here. Since we moved to Amsterdam-noord, this market is now 20 mins away from our home and it is our to-go one on Saturdays.

Puremarkt, Amstelpark, Amsterdamsebos, Frankendael Park 

Happens every Sunday in a different place, see dates here.

One of our favorite programs for a Sunday afternoon, Puremarkt offers a bit of everything! Veggies, fruits, grains, breads and delicious pastries, cheese, meat, olives and oils, hummus, mustards, maioneses, even soap, organic cotton clothing, and so much more. This is a market to spend a full Sunday enjoying some live music, eating food truck delicacies and drinking local beer 🙂

Puremarkt Amstelpark, Amsterdam
So many types of beans and lentils. So many flavors!

Albert Cuypmarkt, Albert Cuypstraat 

Happens from Mondays to Saturdays, from 9AM to 5PM. Closed on Sundays.

Without a doubt the most famous street market in Amsterdam, we often come here when there’s no Puremarkt on the weekend, and the biggest advantage is that it is opened every day but Sundays. Here we can find veggies and fruit, hummus, olives, cheese, nuts, bread and some delicious pastries and sweets. There’s also tons of seafood! Since this is a very touristic market, there’s quite a bit of junk stands as well, if you know what I mean, so I usually find it stressful to come, with all the people and useless stuff.  The good thing about tourists, though, is that because of them there’s also a warm stroopwafel and Dutch fries stand.

Sunday MarketWestergasfabriek, Westerpark

Every first Sunday of each month.

The Sunday Market is very similar to the Pure Markt, but they surely do have some unique stands, such as one for refilling your olive oil, and the one on the picture with multiple types of dry fruits and also veggie chips! They also have live music and tons of food stands and it is the Westerpark after all, so it is a great place to spend some quality time during the weekend.

Farms for buying milk, eggs and cheese

Boerderij Ons verlangen, Broeker Gouw 5

This farm is located in Amsterdam-noord and they are basically a dairy farm, they provide milk to a lot of business around the city from their own cows that graze grass and live happier lives than most, and if you are a milk drinker, you can also go there with your bottles and fill them with good quality milk! They also sell eggs from their chickens, some organic goods and some fair trade products.

De Geitenboerderij, Nieuwe Meerlaan 4

This goat’s farm sits right in the middle of the Amsterdamsebos, a forest in between Amsterdam and Amstelveen. Here we can buy goat’s milk, cheese and organic eggs! Besides shopping, it is a great place to enjoy and play with the animals, specially for kids, and you can have a great goat cheese sandwich and enjoy some icecream made of goat milk. We love this place

De Geitenboerderij, Amsterdamsebos

Buying nuts, grains, coffee and tea

Delicious food, Westerstraat 24

Just in the corner of the Noordermarkt, Delicious Food is a small store with the biggest amount of bulk items we found in Amsterdam. Their dispensers include different types of nuts and grains, coffee, pasta, rice, beans and even chocolate truffles, salt, pepper, oregano and other spices. They also have some fruits and veggies and other organic items (in wrapping!).

Delicious Food bulk store, Amsterdam
Rices of many types, from all over the world. You can’t have it all though… the store only offers plastic bags, so don’t forget to always cary your own reusable shopping and grocery bags when going out.

Tabak’s Notenbar, Rijnstraat 133

This grocery store has a great variety of special beers and organic wines and, of course, a full buffet of many types of nuts that you can pack in your own bags. They also have some different kinds of honey and homemade peanut butter (that comes in glass).

C’est Bon, Hogeweg 1a

A cute store with a lot of bulk chocolate, nuts and dry fruit that we can pack in our own jars and bags. There’s also coffee and tea in bulk!

AlexanderhoeveMolenwijk and Banne-Centrum

If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam-noord and would like to get some cheese and nuts, you can find Alexanderhoeve in the neighboorhood shopping centres of Molenwijk and Banne-Centrum. They do have a lot of products in plastic but also have a great selection of bulk nuts and also cheese that you can ask for a piece in your own bag or container.

Simon Levelt , Ferdinand Bolstr 154 / Jodenbreestr 20 / Kinkerstr 109 / Prinsengracht 180 / Stationsplein 35E / Walden Lane 4

Simon Levelt is the to go store for bulk coffee and tea, they have stores in 6 different locations in Amsterdam as well as many other across the Netherlands and Belgium. They also sell all kinds of accessories for making and enjoying coffee and tea, it’s super nice!

Buying oil and vinegar

Meeuwig & Zn, Nieuwe Hemweg 6K

Meeuwig & Zn imports tons of liters of oil from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France and Turkey and sells it all right here in Amsterdam, in bulk. Just bring your bottles or buy one from the ones they sell in store. They also have oils from other kinds of seeds like argan and pumpkin, and other glassed goods such as mustard, pickles and olives, of course!

Oil & Vinegar, Beethovenstraat 70

As the name says, this is also a store that sells oil and vinegar in bulk, you can bring you own glasses or choose from a variety of different ones they have in store. They also have spices and sauces in glass, and some beautiful pasta that is sadly wrapped in plastic 🙁

Oil & VInegar store, Amsterdam


Buyng utilities that help with Zero Waste living

Dille & Kamille, Nieuwendijk 16-18

In here you can find a lot of different home goods and objects and its majority is plastic-free, made out of wood, glass, stainless steel or even stone. From jars for food storage and stainless steel straws to bamboo cleaning brushes. They also have some bulk things like tea and soap.

Eco-logishVan Slingelandtplein 9

Eco-logish is where you will find ecologic construction goods () and also some utilities for personal and home use, such as stainless steel water bottles, reusable to-go coffee mugs, fabric bags for veggies and shopping, bamboo toothbrushes and, for the kids, wooden toys, baby bottle and pacifier made out of natural rubber. Here is also the only place I found Castille soap from  Dr. Bonner in Amsterdam. You can easily buy online or at their address.


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    • Verdade! Adicionei só uns lugares pequenos mas vou fazer uma section com o que tem em supermercados maiores! Valeu por lembrar 😉

  2. Guria! Descobri teu blog só na semana passada, vasculhei ele numa tarde inteira! hahahah! Tá tri massa! Me inspirei tanto que tô planejando fazer os saquinhos de tecido pra comprar a granel! Muchas gracias!

    • Que ótimo isso, Ana Carolina! Obrigada, fico muito feliz! Me conta depois do progresso dos teus planos por aí <3

  3. L Foster L Foster

    Thanks so much for this list!! I want to start plastic free shopping in Amsterdam & didn’t know where to start ?

    • Han Su Han Su

      I had the same dilemma 🙂 how to shop plastic free in Amsterdam since I just moved and didn’t know where to start 🙂 Thanks for this article, so helpful! <3

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