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2018 Minimalist Calendar to Print

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Here at home Rafa and I have a calendar in the kitchen that helps us plan and know what will happen during the month. I like to add birthdays, flights and trips that we will take, events that we have tickets for and, very important, the days of our favorite farmers’ markets!

The calendar works so well for us that I decided to share it with you, maybe it help you as well? So here’s my end-of-year present for you, a very minimalist free 2018 calendar to help you plan month by month, just download and print!

Below is a preview of how the calendar looks when printed (thanks to my model Julia Veiga :D). You can pin it on the refrigerator door or put it on a clipboard and hang it in a place that is visible daily.

Choose the English or Portuguese version at the end of the post and download it, open it with your preferred PDF reader, click print, select A4 paper with no borders, and print from page 2 to 13 (so you do not waste ink and paper printing the cover).

Download the English version

Download the Portuguese version

How do you like it?? Let me know!

Cheers, Nat.


  1. Preciso de algo que me organize melhor meu mês.. Cai de paraquedas aqui e achei muito interessante seus calendarios! Copiei hehe!

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